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Australia/New Zealand Regional Chairs

Jit Ragunath

Jit Ragunath

Managing Director
Vergola Pty Ltd
Adelaide, Australia
Member since 2011

Simon Toovey

Simon Toovey

Executive Director
Commercial & General
Adelaide, Australia
Member since 2002

Meet Our Members

Seth Watts

“The primary benefit of YPO for me has been the leadership skills I’ve gained, and the opportunity to develop insights and work with some of the most talented executives in Australia, which has given me significant competitive advantage in my business. Since joining YPO, I have been putting all my strategic plans to my forum for review. We’ve been growing 20 percent per year since that process and I think that I can attribute much of that growth directly to the peer review that I’m getting from my forum.”

Seth Watts

Managing Director, New Litho
Member since 2007

Brent McGregor

“When I joined YPO, I became a part of the world’s most powerful network! YPO provides me quick access to a global network of business leaders and with it, an unparalleled depth of resources. YPO is the best executive membership organization I’ve belonged to. YPO has also provided programs that cater to my family, so we can all grow and develop together. The organization has given, and continues to provide me, unsurpassed value and friendships.”

Brent McGregor

Managing Director, CBRE NZ Limited
Member since 2013

Power of a “Group of Very Successful People”

Cheryl Bart

Member since 1999

Why Join YPO?

Jason Graham-Nye

Member since 2011

How Leaders Can Support Innovation

Lynn Krous

Member since 2012

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