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YPO Global Pulse: Business Outlook for 2022

What does 2022 hold for global business leaders? We sought out the perspectives of the largest global community of chief executives. While volatility remains a primary business challenge, 81% of YPO members surveyed say they have a somewhat or very favorable business outlook going into next year. The survey represents chief executive sentiment in 101 countries across 44 industries. Executives shared the challenges they are facing, their actions moving forward and their thoughts on pertinent business trends and issues.

Key findings

  • Among those surveyed, 37% reported a 20% increase in revenue or more since the beginning of 2021, and only 17% said they saw a decrease of 10% or more since the beginning of the year. Nearly a year before this, in October 2020, only 19% of respondents expected an increase in revenue of 20% or more in 2021.
  • Hiring has picked up, with 38% of respondents experiencing a 10% increase or more in the number of employees since the beginning of 2021, though 45% of firms said their total head count is about the same as it was in early 2021 and 16% said they saw a decrease.
  • Most chief executives (71%) reported being either very or somewhat concerned about the impact of inflation on their businesses next year. U.S. leaders (77%) are more concerned about inflation than their counterparts anywhere else in the world.
  • There seems to be no immediate end in sight for the supply chain issues, with only 2% of respondents believing they will be resolved in early 2022. Thirty-nine percent believe resolution will come at the end of 2022, and 38% expect it in 2023 or later.
  • The global labor shortage continues to pose challenges for many companies, with 67% of respondents saying it is somewhat or very difficult for their businesses to find employees for the general workforce at present and 57% of respondents reporting the same levels of difficulty when it comes to C-suite and executive hires.
  • Despite clear concerns over productivity, many are moving forward with flexible and remote work schedules. Even though only 1% of executives surveyed believe employees are more productive at home than in the office, 74% of business leaders shared that some form of flexible work arrangements will become more permanent.
  • With pandemic pressures taking their toll on teams, some businesses are taking steps to improve mental health benefits, with 35% reporting some type of mental health investment or strategy for employees and 16% saying they don’t have one now but plan to add one.

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