YPO member Yat-Pang Au started with degrees in electrical engineering and computer science from University of California in Berkeley. Then he went onto Carnegie Mellon University for a masters degree in information networking. But, the computer and engineering degrees were a divergence from his serious passion and destiny in real estate investing.

Since launching his own real estate firm, Veritas Investments, in 2017, Pang picked up a MBA at Harvard University and built the Veritas Investments’ portfolio value to nearly USD2 billion by 2015. In 2016, the company completed the largest portfolio financing in the history of San Francisco, California, USA for USD815 million. In this episode, Pang shares how his secrets on how to compete and retain the top talent in Silicon Valley, California, USA.

Guest: Yat-Pang Au, Founder and CEO of Veritas Investments
Host & Executive Producer: Kevin Daum
Executive Producer: Van Van
Music: DreamArtist Music.

Made possible with grants from Gazelles Growth Institute.