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Western U.S. Regional Chairs

David Ostrowe

David Ostrowe

Chief Executive Officer
180 Business Solutions / O&M Restaurant
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
Member since 2007

John Starr

John Starr

Chief Executive Officer
UltraSource LLC
Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Member since 1998

Meet Our Members

Jessica Hoffman

“YPO has opened up doors for me in my business with critical introductions, has allowed me to share professional burdens I cannot share with those at my business, and had provided a forum for personal struggles trying to balance a busy career, marriage and family with people who truly understand what my days and weeks look like and the pressure I am under from all angles.”

Jessica Hoffmann

Managing Director of Strasburger & Price, LLP
Member since 2015

Chris Marconi

“YPO is the single best resource for lifelong learning, including personal and professional development. My family and businesses have benefited greatly from YPO, where members never seem to hesitate to assist one another.”

Chris Marconi

CEO of Super Tuscan Capital LLC
Member since 2013

The Largest Global Network of Chief Executives

Tim Brown

Member since 2010

Innovation: Thinking Higher Up the Value Curve

Kevin Fallon

Member since 1994

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