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Canada Regional Chairs

Sunir Chandaria

Sunir Chandaria

LePage’s 2000, Inc
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Member since 2010

Jordi Vilanova

Jordi Vilanova

Managing Partner
Mercan Capital
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Member since 2003

Meet Our Members

Corey Miller

“If I wanted to, say, do business in China, because of the international network I’ve built up and the folks that I’ve met, I could easily pick up the phone and call a YPO member in China and say, ‘Hey, I’m thinking about visiting, could you introduce me to a couple of people?’ And it would literally be that simple.”

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Corey Miller

CEO of Miller Tirecraft
Member since 2008

Debby Carreau

“We all need mentors, advisors, critics and a place to continue our ongoing learning and development. For me, I found the solution through YPO, a group of trusted advisors, fellow CEOs and people who provide me with a safe haven of trust to tackle my biggest business challenges.”

Debby Carreau

CEO of HR Inspired
Member since 2011

Extraordinary Peer to Peer Learning

Ariel Shlien

Member since 2003

Events You Cannot Experience Anywhere Else

Darren Hawrish

Member since 2007

The Power of YPO Membership

Marty Parker

Member since 2011

The Largest Global Network of Chief Executives

Michael McCourt

Member since 2002