William Wolfram

Chairman, Galton Voysey & Trifecta Retail Ventures, North Asia

At 12 years old, William couldn’t believe that it would be 3x more expensive buying a computer from the electronic store compared to buying the exact same components and building it himself. He turned this hobby into a business and by 13 had registered his first company, a Direct-to-Consumer Micro Brand selling custom built computers to his friends and neighbors.

Soon after, he started several other businesses and at the age of 15 dropped out of school to pursue running his businesses full-time. Since then, William has founded, owned and ran several profitable businesses – including DealDash (taking it from $0 to $60M a year of revenue), Total Trivia (taking it from $0 to $10M a year of revenue) and Galton Voysey. In 2013, William became the youngest ever winner of the EY World Entrepreneur of the Year National Prize for Finland. In 2016 he graduated from Harvard Business School’s 3-year OPM program, becoming the youngest ever graduate from the program.

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