Ted Alling

Founder & Chairman, Chattanooga Preparatory School , Southeast U.S./Caribbean

Ted and Kelly Alling are serial founders who use their entrepreneurial achievements to create opportunities for others. They launched Chattanooga Preparatory School (Chatt Prep) for at-risk, low-income boys in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area. The school’s mission is to engage young men in a supportive environment that promotes academic excellence and inspires leadership. 

Chatt Prep is designed to provide unique and impactful educational opportunities for the young men in the city’s urban communities. It began its fourth year in August 2021. Ted currently serves as the Founder and Chairman of Chatt Prep while Kelly serves as the Founder and Facility Chair. Kelly also serves on the UC Foundation Board for the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

Ted is the Co-founder and former CEO of a USD500 million logistics startup, Access America, that eventually merged with UPS subsidiary, Coyote Logistics. From that initial success, he and his fellow founders created a startup incubator, Lamp Post Group in 2010 that has invested USD36 million into the Chattanooga entrepreneurial ecosystem. In 2016, Ted co-founded Dynamo, a USD43 million venture capital fund aimed at revolutionizing the logistics industry. As managing director of the fund — one of the largest in the Southeast U.S. — he works to ensure Dynamo remains the premier global knowledge leader in logistics technology by supporting the most innovative new businesses in the field.

Kelly found her passion in philanthropy and nonprofit work early in her career. She began as a resource manager at Habitat for Humanity. After the birth of their three children (Mallory, Drake, and Grant) and helping support the growth and sale of Access America, Kelly turned her focus to serving her community through education and Chatt Prep. 

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