Nicholas Reichenbach

Founder and Executive Chairman, Flow, Canada

In 2013, Nicholas Reichenbach was leaving Burning Man when he saw a mountain of discarded plastic water bottles from the event. Rather than simply shake his head at the problem, he decided to found Flow Beverage Corp. (Flow), to become North America’s most sustainable spring water beverages brand, and disrupt the traditional unsustainable model prevalent in the bottled water industry. For Nicholas, Flow would be different, delivering the highest-quality natural mineral spring water products, using the best organic and natural functional ingredients, delivered in the best and most eco-friendly packaging available and containing up to 75% renewable materials.  

Starting out bottling water by hand from his family-owned artesian spring in Canada which was initially sold to small stores and friends and family, Nicholas has built Flow into a fast-growing brand sold across 46,646 stores throughout North America. Flow has built on its founding sustainability principles to become the highest scoring B Corporation in the water industry, thus achieving Nicholas’ early goal to be a leader in sustainability.   

Among its sustainability achievements, Flow has:   

  • Helped its customers avoid the use of 200 million plastic bottles, thus keeping those from entering the environment. 
  • Been operating net zero since 2020 by sourcing 100% renewable energy, improving efficiency and purchasing high-quality carbon removal credits. 
  • Shown strong water stewardship by preserving habitat, and using only the minimum that its artesian springs naturally provide, while returning the rest to nature. 
  • Sustainably sourced all the raw materials used in its packaging. 
  • Given back to its communities, earning it a “Best for the World” award from B Corp, in part for donating over $1 Million to front-line workers during the height of the pandemic. 
  • Championed a diverse and inclusive workforce, also by donating to leading social justice driven charitable organizations in Canada and the US. 

Not one to rest on his laurels, Reichenbach has committed Flow to ambitious sustainability goals for the future, including, becoming carbon negative by 2025, using a 100% renewable resource-based package by 2030, helping avoid 500 million plastic bottles by 2025, giving back at least 2% of revenue to its communities by 2025 and achieving gender equity across the organization and its leadership, among other things.  

Nicholas won’t stop until sustainability isn’t a feature in the industry, it’s the norm.  

A seasoned executive, serial startup investor and consumer product entrepreneur, Reichenbach has built a robust track record, founding, creating and building multiple businesses across a range of industries such as consumer goods, social media, internet/mobile technology, entertainment and hospitality including, Flow, Simply Protein, Rabbit, GuestDriven, YooStar Entertainment, and Magmic Games. 

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