Nichol Ng

Co-founder, The Food Bank Singapore, Southeast Asia

Congratulations to Nichol Ng for being selected as the YPO Global Impact Regional Honoree for the Southeast Asia Region. Ng was selected for her dedication to eradicating food insecurity. The Food Bank Singapore is a centralized organization that addresses food waste and donation distribution issues. She commissioned The Hunger Report, a 20-month study by the Lien Foundation for Social Innovation, that provided insight on the food insecurity challenge in Singapore for the first time. Ng is also CEO of X-Inc, a group of six companies, including FoodXervices Inc. Congratulations to Ng for being selected as the YPO Global Impact Regional Honoree for Southeast Asia.

Ng has been featured in The Singapore Women’s Weekly as a nominee in 2013 for the Great Women of Our Time. She is also a recipient of the Spirit of Enterprise Award 2010, given to entrepreneurs who have shown resilience and tenacity in building businesses.

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