Mike Novakoski

President and CEO of EV Construction and EV Group, Mid-America U.S.

Mike Novakoski is the president and CEO of national-award-winning EV Construction and The EV Group, as well as Partner/CEO of Become Unmistakable Consulting. Mike has thirty-five years of construction industry experience and a special gift for innovative thinking, visioning, communication, and motivation in his organizational leadership roles. In addition to authoring two books, Mike is a nationally recognized speaker on the subjects of “six-pack abs” culture, the power of VisCom (visual communication), breaking out of the commodity mind-set, innovation at all levels, and “right-brain-justified” leadership.

Mike has been a member of Young Presidents Organization (YPO) since 2007. After serving as an officer at chapter and regional levels, he was nominated to the International Forum Committee of this over 25,000-member organization. YPO often calls on Mike’s expertise for global training at GLC events, assisting in the development of new organization-wide programs, publishing articles and videos, and speaking at international learning events to inspire hundreds of other CEOs.

Mike is a lifelong learner who holds a BS degree in construction management, an MBA with emphasis in finance, and an Innovation Management certification. He wrote the book “Become Unmistakable – Start the Journey from Commodity to Oddity” while participating in a three-year Harvard Business School Owner/President Management (OPM 53) program. Mike also does a considerable amount of public speaking each year—his audiences including both for-profit and nonprofit organizations in a variety of industries, both nationally and internationally.

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