May Mei

Founder and CEO, GoalBlue, North Asia

True environmental impact requires buy-in from everyone who currently calls the Earth home. So why not make sustainability trendy?   

At least that’s the mindset of May Mei. She has made it her mission to change the world by appealing to the masses with GoalBlue.  

A nongovernmental organization focused on guiding sustainable, responsible, low-carbon lifestyle and consumer behavior, GoalBlue promotes social progress and environment improvement, bridging the gaps between consumers, businesses, NGOs and the government in China so that everyone is closer to a common goal: a low-carbon and sustainable future.  

Mei’s organization currently focuses on three core projects: Smart Eating, Blue Ocean and Clean Commute. These projects primarily target Gen Z, millennials and members of the middle class in first and second-tier cities to inform and motivate consumers to consider the climate impacts of their everyday habits.  

Since launching, GoalBlue has organized and joined more than 70 campaigns, reaching a total of 1.2 billion people. In 2020, GoalBlue launched “Good for Earth, Good for Me,” a program featuring celebrities with strong influence over the younger generations, calling on the public to ” be responsible consumers.” Through a diversity of activities around music, sport, art and craft beer, “Good for Earth, Good for Me” has reached a viewership of 790 million. In 2021, GoalBlue launched another program that cultivates and empowers young, key-opinion leaders on sustainable lifestyle promotion. This resulted in more than 130 short videos on sustainable lifestyle choices, reaching a viewership of 13 million in eight months. GoalBlue also works with influential business leaders to create more environmentally friendly products and services.  

Mei has extensive knowledge and experience in international NGO management and operations. Before working in the NGO sector, for more than a decade she worked as a director and producer for Chinese television at CCTV and Hunan Satellite TV, where she was engaged in top programs including “Chia Tai Variety Show,” the first international cultural travel program.   

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