Maurício Bähr

Country Manager ENGIE Brasil , Latin America

 As Country Manager of ENGIE in Brazil, Maurício Bähr’s commitment to improve the quality of life and health of the vulnerable children in the communities where the company operates is creating social transformations.  

The strategy of the Program Healthy Children, Healthy Future, supported by ENGIE Foundation, is to develop practical and educational activities for children, teachers and their families about nutrition, hygiene, and a sustainable relationship with the environment.  

For the past 12 years, the Program has tested thousands of children for blood conditions such as anemia and the presence of parasites, and through planting gardens, cooking classes, theatrical performances and workshops, it also has shared information about health, basic hygiene, eating habits, potable water consumption and more.   

The ENGIE program has benefited 18 municipalities in six states, including 30,000 children and 100,000 community members around Brazil.   

Specifically, in five years the Program has: 

  • Administered 50,000 doses of anti-parasitic medication. 
  • Dispensed 10,000 doses of iron supplements to children with anemia. 
  • Decreased the number of children with anemia from 53% to 8%.

Bähr says ENGIE Foundation seeks “to drive useful, relevant and ambitious” projects to help with the challenges of the world, including poverty, climate change, conservation of the biodiversity and the universal access to energy.   

ENGIE is the country’s leading renewable energy company, and operates in the generation, sale and transmission of electricity, gas transportation, and energy solutions. With 2,400 employees, ENGIE has around 10 GW in the country, 100% from renewable sources.  

Bähr has been the Country Manager of ENGIE in Brazil for 25 years since the arrival of the company in the country. He is the Chairman of ENGIE Brasil Energia, Transportadora Associada de Gás – TAG and Jirau Energia. Bähr has been member of the Board of the National System Operator (ONS) of the Brazilian Interconnected System since 2007, representing generation companies. He is a Board Member of ABDIB (Association of Infrastructure in Brazil), CCEF (Conseiller du Commerce Extérieur de la France) and a Member of CONMAN – a consultive board of the Museum of Tomorrow, in Rio de Janeiro. He received three undergraduate degrees, an MBA from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and from Berkeley University (USA) and has also attended the Harvard YPO President´s Program (USA) for several years. 


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