Justin Kemperman

Co-Founder, Shine Armor, Northeastern U.S.

Justin is a groundbreaking, rising e-com leader & direct response entrepreneur with a passion for data driven advertising & building fast growing companies.

In freshman year of high school with 80 dollars in hand, he started buying undervalued items at thrift shops to resell on Amazon and eBay, which eventually lead to the creation of an Amazon ebook publishing business. Through reinvesting every dollar, Justin grew his Amazon Kindle business to 6 figures/month at only 15 years old into a Shopify apparel shop that was already generating $200K/mo. within 6 months.

In 2016, he started his partnership with Brandon Monaghan, and together created a unique model for starting and scaling e-commerce businesses. They launched Threads King, a licensed entertainment apparel company. In under one year, the company grew to multi-millions in revenue and was later acquired. After the success of Threads King, Justin found a unique process that identified trendy products before their popularity. He started to private label these products and build businesses around them. Justin created a business model that launched stores that were ready to sell after a few months of generating profitable revenue.

In 2017, Justin launched a beauty business, The Urban Lash, that won the Foundr Magazine Start and Scale contest where Justin grew the company from $0 to $1M in revenue within a few short months. Following the similar model of selling starter stores, The Urban Lash was acquired by a competitor a few months in.

By the end of 2018, Justin started working on his current and biggest project to date: Amazon’s Automotive best seller, Shine Armor. A car care brand, self-funded with only $60K, that quickly reached revenues of $10M within a year. A lot of the growth was due to a focus on an omni-channel approach, utilizing Shopify, Amazon, and other platforms. Shine Armor made its way to NASCAR, top YouTube Blogs, and into retail nationwide in early 2020.

Justin invested in a creative agency focused on content marketing that multiplied their initial investment within the first months. He and Brandon are currently partnering with Amazon and retail leaders to launch innovative and omni-channel products in many different industries.

Most recently, he co-founded Javy Coffee in late 2020, an innovative coffee concentrate brand.

From groundbreaking marketing strategies, revolutionary software, endless market share expansion, and proven Direct Response Marketing, Justin is poised for much more success.

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