Jan Swartz

Co-Founder, The Goodness Web, Pacific U.S.

One in six children under the age of 17 suffers from a mental health disorder; 36% of college students show symptoms of depression; 70% of youths in the juvenile justice system have been diagnosed with mental illness; and the second leading cause of death among 10-34 year olds is suicide.  

Jan Swartz’s answer to these sobering statistics: Harness the power of great leaders with big hearts to make bold bets on youth mental health solutions with The Goodness Web.  

Drawing from the expansive business acumen that she, along with her Co-founder Mark Verdi, and their spouses, Rob and Gina, bring to the table, Swartz is forging an alternative path to traditional philanthropy. The Goodness Web pools donations through a venture philanthropy process to make compelling, large-scale, multiyear investments in existing nonprofit organizations, helping accelerate their growth and drive meaningful systems change with maximum impact.   

Informed by consultant-driven market analysis, they vet thousands of organizations supporting youth mental health to identify those with proven track records, measurable results, and solid plans to scale effectively. They then take a collaborative role with grantees and donors alike to share resources, exchange experiences and accelerate progress.  

In just over one year, The Goodness Web has raised approximately USD11 million from more than 100 generous donors spanning 18 states and three countries. This capital goes to grantee partners working in areas such as awareness, prevention and early intervention programs, insurance parity and equitable access to resources, primary care provisions, and policy change initiatives. With the funds from The Goodness Web, these organizations can worry less about fundraising and focus on what matters: positively impacting youth and their families. 

Swartz is Group President of Princess Cruises, Holland America Line, Seabourn and P&O Australia, four of the nine world’s leading cruise lines in the global portfolio of Carnival Corporation — the world’s largest leisure travel company. She is also the chief executive leading the shared professional services group supporting the operating lines which also includes Holland America Princess Alaska Tours.   

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