Hunter Howard

President at Hormone Therapeutics, Western U.S.

Hunter Howard is a serial health care entrepreneur and investor. He founded and invests in innovative health tech companies, following a Fortune 100 background, utilizing tech and process to improve quality, costs, and access to care for disruptive advantage.

Howard was almost COVID-19 patient zero in Texas and sought to mobilize an international effort founding the Global Pandemic Coalition to bring together best in class health care solutions and services to help the world prepare for, mobilize and fight infectious disease together. Howard also co-founded the Long COVID Alliance to focus research, funding and understanding for those dealing with the long-hauler consequences of long COVID-19. The group helped secure USD1.25 billion in National Institute of Health (NIH) funding for research and already consists of more than 80 patient advocacy groups as the research begins.

Howard continues to run Hormone Therapeutics, a direct-to-consumer service telemedicine platform providing anti-aging, testosterone and hormone replacement therapy services. Hormone therapeutics empowers and guides patients to live healthier, energetic, longer and more fulfilling lives!

Howard grew up in the suburbs of New York City and resides in Dallas, Texas, USA, where he has been a member of The YPO North Texas chapter since 2010. Like many of us, his passions have been sidelined during COVID-19 and has taken up cycling for his health and lungs. Howard is excited to get back to travel, having visited 110 countries, as he loves exploring, experiential learning, connecting people, and exploring new cuisine. He led the effort to create the “Where the President’s Eat” website (www.ypofdn.org).

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