Daniel Epstein

CEO of Unreasonable Group, Western U.S.

Daniel Epstein believes that businesses can drive lasting, scalable change. And capitalism? For him, it’s a tool that can be repurposed for good.  

That’s why he founded Unreasonable Group, an international company that supports a fellowship for growth-stage entrepreneurs, channels exclusive deal flow to investors, and partners with institutions to discover profit in solving global problems.   

Unreasonable Group operates as a community builder, connecting entrepreneurs to institutions, investors and brands, including Barclays, Nike, Accenture, J&J and the United States State Department.

Epstein’s vision is that the world’s most valuable and influential companies are the ones choosing to solve humanity’s most pressing challenges. He wants to create a world where business is undeniably a force for good and where capitalism is harnessed to scale solutions that work. To that end, Unreasonable’s mission is to “re-purpose capitalism”.

Since 2015, Unreasonable has partnered with leading, influential partners including Barclays, Nike and Accenture to co-found strategic global initiatives designed to support growth-stage entrepreneurs, whose companies have a social and or environmental impact baked into the DNA of their business model.  

Currently they support over 360 ventures in more than 180 countries. To date, they have impacted more than 1.4 billion people worldwide by:   

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by more than 88 million metric tons. 
  • Providing solar power to more than 220 million people who previously didn’t have access to electricity.  
  • Providing 17 million students around the world access to educational services. 
  • Providing affordable health care access to more than 433 million people. 

Epstein began his career as an entrepreneur launching startups that used for-profit business models to solve problems typically handled by nonprofits. He shifted to create Unreasonable Group to demonstrate that you can do well by doing good — and profitably outperform the market when you focus on solving the most meaningful problems of the 21st century.   

He has been named as one of the “World’s 50 Greatest Leaders” and “Top 30 most impactful entrepreneurs” by Forbes Magazine and he received the prestigious “Entrepreneur of the World” award at the Global Entrepreneurship Forum.   

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