Carmen Cedre, President at bloOm Beauty Inc. Puerto Rico

Carmen Cedré is the founder of Clutch Consulting a firm dedicated to support business growth by developing business, marketing strategies and ideas that connect and build brands. Carmen’s entrepreneurial mind-set was the basis of her very successful career as President of FCB/DRAFTFCB, where she spent 16 years helping clients leaders in their categories, while transforming and growing the agency business to become one of the top ten agencies in Puerto Rico and the number one in terms of client satisfaction and profitability in the Latin America region for FCB.

Always a multi-tasker, she managed to become a director of the Sales & Marketing Executive Association, the President of the Advertising Agencies Association, Cúspide Awards President and YPO Chapter/Education Chair for two years each. In her “free time” and seeking to obtain hands-on experience creating a new business, she ventured in a different direction by acquiring an ailing medium-sized business in the beauty salon industry, building a brand from zero creating bloOm Salon & Spa, which is today one of the top salons in Puerto Rico.

Lured by a challenge and the opportunity of making a complete brand transformation in 2012 did a total change in her advertising career to become the Executive Vice President and General Manager of Mazda of Puerto Rico. While everybody thought she was a bit crazy for the decision, looking back today, it was a great move, which generated a great success story for Mazda (and Carmen), a brand reenergized, sales growing double-digit in a declining market and a clear sense that nothing is impossible.

In 2015, Carmen left her comfort zone once again to follow her passion and developed a consulting practice helping businesses unleash their potential. Importantly, while all of this was going on, she raised two daughters, Danielle and Tiffany, both very successful professionals. Carmen has a Master’s Degree in Advertising from Syracuse University and is a Latin America board member of YPO, a director of the Hogar Niñito Jesús Foundation and a big supporter of several women organizations focused on helping women grow and develop.

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