André Abucham

Founder and Chair, the Board of Santa Fé Beneficent Association, Latin America

Since 1993, André Abucham has led Santa Fé Beneficent Association in the aid of thousands of homeless single mothers and children through their programs focusing on shelter homes, children’s families and life after living in shelters. The nonprofit welcomes and treats children, adolescents and families at risk by providing support, education and appropriate environments so they may develop to their full potential. Congratulations to Abucham for being selected as the YPO Global Impact Regional Honoree for Latin America.

Abucham is also the CEO of Engeform, one of the main maintainers of Santa Fé. He developed his career accumulating national and international experience. He graduated in civil engineering at Mackenzie University in 1998, also studied between 2011 and 2013, attending the Owner and President Management Program, at Harvard Business School.

He was Citigroup’s Senior Vice President and Member of Directors Council in New York for seven years. Currently, he is Engeform’s CEO, where he has been working for the last twelve years. He has also worked as a technical and commercial director in this company and he is responsible for more than 100 major engineering projects carried out by Engeform.

For the last eight years, Abucham has been Chair of Santa Fé Welfare Association, developing means of sheltering boys and girls that were victims of abuse, neglect and sexual violence, many of them coming from the streets of São Paulo.

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