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Engaging with the YPO Europe Region helps me to get more out of my YPO membership than simply engaging with my local chapter. The Regional team are dedicated to members’ needs and are super helpful and supportive.
A world-class leadership organization, representing for me a continuous pulling force towards excellence, authenticity and purpose. A life-changing source of inspiration and growth, thanks to amazing top-quality members, management, events and learning resources. An exceptional sense of worldwide community, resulting in strong reciprocal support and unique networking and first-class learning opportunities.
Thank you YPO for helping to digest the COVID crisis. I admire the webinars and wonderful people I met and listened to over the last months. It is great to learn and feel that we are not lonely at the top. Getting better everyday. Step by step!

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How Javier Benavente Barrón Alleviated Loneliness for Elderly in Spain

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