YPO Community Standards

  • At YPO, we welcome extraordinary leaders to grow stronger together, to improve lives, businesses and our world. Members engage in YPO, holding themselves to the highest standards, connecting with one another to be Better Leaders through Lifelong Learning and Idea Exchange™.
  • Members are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner that reflects well on the Organization, as ambassadors for YPO and for each other. Our strength as a community is to engage with a common set of principles and be guided by a common set of values.
  • The Community Standards set forth the principles, values and expectations for all Members and their families and guests (the “YPO Community”).

Our Guiding Principles

The following principles explain how YPO conducts its business to achieve its purpose.

We are a community of peers, honoring each unique personal journey.

  • We collaborate as equal peers with respect and goodwill.
  • We act as servant leaders with humility and integrity.
  • We foster all aspects of our members (business, community, personal, family).

We strive to become better leaders and better people.

  • We pursue excellence in lifelong learning.
  • We engage in different ideas and perspectives through a diverse membership.
  • We create impact in the communities we serve.

We connect through a safe haven of trust.

  • We take confidentiality seriously.
  • We are authentic, open, and inclusive.
  • We seek meaningful connections above transactions.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values are shared across the YPO Community and define how we behave and engage in our YPO interactions.

GENEROSITY is the essence of servant leaders.
RESPECT is the basis of a meaningful connection.
INCLUSIVITY is at the heart of a curious and open mind.
TRUST is the result of being your authentic self.


  • We engage in the YPO community with a spirit of goodwill and generosity to openly share experiences and ideas.
  • We have a unique learning opportunity to be a leader of leaders. The more you give, the more you get. Therefore, Member Champions are at the core of all that we do, as we expect all Members to serve the Organization as part of their YPO journey.
  • We encourage our spouses/partners and our children to partake in the experience of participating in the Organization together with us as an important part of our member experience.
  • We understand that when we are together, the interest of our YPO Community is above our individual interests.


  • We act with integrity in our personal and professional life at all times and avoid behavior that harms the reputation of other Members and of YPO, which includes abiding by applicable laws as a minimum threshold.
  • We treat one another and all in our YPO Community with the highest respect and attention, striving to respond to Members within 24 hours.
  • We hold our ethical standards above those who are outside of our YPO Community, valuing relationship over any transaction, and proactively addressing disagreements and counterviews in a respectful exchange when they appear.
  • We encourage open contact between Members, both in person and virtually, for networking purposes, but we do not solicit other Members unless clearly invited to do so. We use extra caution when using a Member’s contact and personal information, and always respect when a Member says no.
  • We are a member-led Organization in partnership with a management team who supports the work we do. We collaborate and engage with them as respectful partners for the betterment of our Organization and each other.


  • We interact as equal peers and do not tolerate discrimination in any form.
  • We embrace diversity of thought as a key foundation of YPO, and as a proxy, seek a diverse membership base, to include different cultures, backgrounds and representations.
  • We approach controversial topics with equanimity, are open to multiple perspectives, and engage in a positive learning environment, by respecting the YPO “Learning Boundaries,” even if those multiple facets may be different from our own.
  • We respect our differences and do not tolerate harassment in any form, by anyone in our YPO Community. We foster an environment of belonging that is positive, safe, empathetic and inclusive of each person’s individuality.


  • We show up as our authentic selves and give others space to be vulnerable and open. Every authentic and vulnerable interaction encourages others to act similarly.
  • We listen humbly and seek to understand the other’s experiences and perspectives without judgment.
  • We abide by “Nothing. Nobody. Never.” in all Forum type interactions. Member information must be treated as confidential at all times, therefore we do not provide member contact information or other personal information to a non-member for any reason nor aggregate such information for non-YPO use.
  • We disclose known potential conflicts of interest in our interactions and should always lean towards more disclosure to engage with one another in a clear and transparent way, not intentionally omitting important or relevant facts to deceive others or putting our interests above the Organization’s.
  • We are proud and honored by our membership in YPO and are encouraged to list our status as members of YPO and trusted to use YPO’s trademark within its brand guidelines.

Enforcement Of Our Community Standards

These Community Standards apply to every Member and all those who interact in the YPO Community. Members are responsible for the conduct of their family members and guests they bring into the YPO Community. Any violation of the principles, values and expectations in these Community Standards may subject the Member and their families or guests to a Conduct Committee review, whose direction or decision must be complied with.

Application and Enforcement of the Community Standards

It is expected that every Member be a steward of the YPO Community Standards. Members must affirm each year that they understand and commit to the Community Standards.

  • Enforcement of the Community Standards is conducted by the appropriate Conduct Committees. The consequences of a violation will vary based on the circumstances that are determined through a Conduct Committee’s investigative process, with member expulsion by the Chapter or YPO as a possible consequence. Repeat offenders are addressed with less tolerance.
  • The Community Standards provide guidance to Conduct Committees in determining whether there has been a violation of the Community Standards; however, Conduct Committee decisions are not limited to what is written in the Community Standards and may be made on a case-by-case basis in the best interest of the Organization.

Reporting Violations

As Members, we stand up for others, therefore we appropriately intervene and report situations when we witness violations of these Community Standards. Reports of potential violations of the Community Standards are handled on a strictly confidential basis. Any potential violations should be reported to any one of the following:

  • EthicsPoint
  • Global Conduct Committee Chair.
  • Chief Executive Officer.
  • Chief People Officer.
  • The applicable Chapter Chair or the Network Committee Chair, in addition to the other reporting outlets, in connection with incidents arising at a Chapter or Network event or activity.

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