As part of our mission to create Better Leaders through Lifelong Learning and Idea Exchange, YPO regularly canvasses our more than 28,000 members – influential and innovative thought leaders representing diverse industries across the globe. We then package the knowledge we gain to share with you with the intention to inspire and inform. Regularly check back to this page for the latest reports so you can benefit from our members’ insights and opinions. For more information please email marcom@ypo.org.

YPO Global Pulse

The YPO Global Pulse survey focuses on what’s on the minds of chief executives around the world regarding topics that influence businesses and leadership and impact the world. For chief executives, being innovative is a constant challenge, no matter where a business is located or its industry. But as much as business leaders may embrace the idea of innovation, does their sense of urgency match their business reality?

The 2019 YPO Global Pulse aims to answer this critical question and more. The survey was conducted between 29 April and 6 May 2019 via an online questionnaire and gathered insights from 1,661 members across 105 countries and 34 industries.

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2019 YPO Global Leadership Survey

In January 2019, YPO completed a Global Leadership Survey to understand whether the purpose of business is to have an impact on society beyond profits and wealth. In addition, the survey explored chief executive priorities and compared them with younger generation perspectives. A total of 4,154 respondents participated in the two surveys. A CEO survey conducted by YPO with 2,283 member CEOs from 110 countries and a companion survey of 1,871 younger generation people (future business leaders) ages 18-31.
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