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How CEO Carrie Freeman Supports Businesses in Building Diverse, Resilient Economies

Build priceless relationships globally
YPO makes the world borderless for you. Meet the people you need to know, wherever you need to know them. Create deep, personal connections with top leaders in virtually any industry, any type of business, anywhere in the world.
Discover a community like no other
Truly be yourself. Explore how you learn, mentor and lead more effectively in an environment of open sharing and trust across cultures and generations. Trade perspectives with fellow leaders who understand your challenges and triumphs. The YPO community includes your family, too.
Grow through proprietary learning
Make the most informed decisions. Get unbiased content and perspectives that keep your business, family and life on the path that’s right for you. Expand your servant leadership skills with thousands of member volunteers developing YPO experiences across the globe.
Impact the world beyond business
Become the leader the world needs now. In this evolving landscape of global challenges, business can be a force for good. Inspire and encourage others to put learning and ideas into action. Join extraordinary leaders who improve lives, businesses and our world. 

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