In the busyness of 2022, did you miss the story of a YPO member who, at just 22, is already a serial entrepreneur considering how he can make a bigger impact in the world? Epitomizing the character traits that lead to success at such an early age, Justin Kemperman‘s rise to the CEO role is a lesson for other dreamers of any age. His story demonstrates that making dreams come true takes hard work, adaptability and a willingness to learn from your failures – and successes. Follow Kemperman’s evolution from high school ‘hustler’ to CEO. 

Get inspired before sitting down to set your goals for 2023 by taking a few moments to read some of the year’s most popular CEO Insights’ articles.  

The Week YPO Members Saved the Lives of 147 Afghan Students

Global politics and conflict dominated much of the news in 2022. One tragedy brought together a group of friends and strangers from around the world, united by their YPO membership, to collectively tap into their contacts – and their hearts – to save the lives of 147 Afghan students as the Taliban took control of Kabul. Read about the harrowing week, with lives on the line, when these YPO members demonstrated the difference leadership – and teamwork – can make. 

YPO Members Bring Shelter, Dignity to California’s Homeless

Homelessness continues to be a worldwide challenge, but YPO member and impact investor Elizabeth Funk has entered the arena, creating in her home state of California a blueprint she hopes others throughout the world will duplicate. Her organization, DignityMoves, focuses on temporary housing – filling the gap between homelessness and permanent lodging. Find out how Funk is changing how we address homelessness.  

Peter Njonjo Leverages his Corporate Know-How to Upgrade Kenya’s Food Supply Chain

Peter Njonjo is the Africa regional honoree for the 2022 YPO Global Impact Award, which focuses on YPO members making an impact outside the organization that is sustainable and scalable, affecting people, prosperity, peace or our planet. After achieving corporate success early in his career at Coca-Cola, he was considering his legacy. He co-founded a B2B e-commerce marketplace with the goal of lifting people out of poverty. Learn more about his inspiring work in Kenya.  

5 Lessons on Leading Through Crisis

A leader knows how to make lemonade out of lemons, and that’s what Rajeev Kapur did when his business, like many at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, took a significant hit. He applied lessons he’d gleaned throughout his career (and published in a book) to change directions and come out stronger on the other side of the crisis. Kapur shares his five lessons for leading through crisis

Mari Baker Makes Room for Women CEOs at the Table

To make a difference, you need to be in the room where it happens. And if you are already in the room, YPO member Mari Baker says you need to open the door for more women. The tech leader, who sits on the board of the Clayman Institute on Gender Research at Standford University, has made it her personal mission to increase the number of women in leadership roles, believing it will make the world a better place. See how Baker went from not believing a glass ceiling existed to understanding unconscious bias and the benefits of diversity in the workplace

8 Tips from a Deal Pro: Mastering Your Pitch

As a venture capitalist, fund manager, entrepreneur and CEO, YPO member Brian Pohl has mastered the art of asking investors for money. Understanding your audience, ensuring your data supports your work and having the right team in place are crucial for success. Pohl shares eight tips for mastering your pitch.