Dharsono Hartono, CEO of PT Rimba Makmur Utama, has been named the 2022 YPO Global Impact Award winner. Hartono’s Indonesian-based company uses a sustainable land-use model to reduce deforestation and degradation, promote conservation, enhance ecological integrity and promote economic growth. 

Through the Katingan Mentaya Project, the company protects and restores large areas of peat swamp forest while offering local communities sustainable income sources selling carbon credits. The project generates an average of 8 million triple gold certified carbon credits per year, the equivalent to taking 2 million cars off the road. 

The YPO Global Impact Award is YPO’s highest honor for members that recognizes their impact outside of YPO, celebrating impact that is both sustainable and scalable. An honoree was selected from 13 of YPO’s 14 regions with Hartono being the honoree for the Southeast Asia Region.

“Dharsono is an extraordinary leader both in his local community as well as globally where he is providing life-changing opportunities as he drives large-scale conservation efforts,” says Elizabeth Zucker, Managing Partner at Interior Investments of St. Louis, LLC. She is the Chair of the YPO Global Impact Award program and YPO Global Chairman Emeritus. “He has shown that work done with pure intentions can be successful and impact lives now and for generations to come.” 

The other 12 regional honorees for the 2022 YPO Global Impact Award are:

Asheesh Advani (Northeastern U.S.), President & CEO, JA Worldwide

Sehba Ali (Western U.S.), CEO, KIPP Texas Public Schools

Ted Alling (Southeast U.S./Caribbean), Founder and Chairman, Chattanooga Preparatory School

Jason Chiu (North Asia), Founder, Cherrypicks

Mike House (Canada), President & CEO, Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation

Peter Njonjo (Africa), Co-Founder & Group CEO, Twiga Foods

Vikas Pota (Europe), Founder, T4 Education

Varun Sheth (South Asia), Co-Founder and CEO, Ketto.org 

Jair Ribeiro da Silva (Latin America), Founder & President, Associação Parceiros da Educação and Casa do Saber

Davis Smith (Pacific U.S.), Founder & CEO, Cotopaxi

Manal Zraiq (Middle East/North Africa), Chair Al Mustaqbal School & Zoom Advertising Company

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