Iam excited to be celebrating International Women’s Day with you all this year. At the heart of this day is recognizing the achievements of women around the world and taking action to unleash even more of that potential — until every woman knows #SheBelongs.

It’s been important for me to reflect on how obstacles can be rungs on new ladders; how staying curious and listening, tapping into collective minds at work, and relying on others charts a course of possibilities; and how global innovation, in the face of this crisis, can hold the keys for women to take their place as architects of our digital future.

In the words of EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year 2020 Dr. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, “It’s up to us, in the corporate world, to make that extra effort to provide women leadership opportunities … I have taken those bets on people, and it’s worked.” So many women have had a pivotal role in reframing our future. Leaders have long since known what it takes to “pivot businesses at a time of a global pandemic,” Dr. Mazumdar-Shaw said, having led her intrepid R&D team at Biocon to effectively save thousands of lives long before vaccines were viable.

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