It’s been a year. The past 12 months have seen an unprecedented amount of disruption fueled in large part by the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 impacted nearly every aspect of the global economy, from supply chains to air travel to tourism. Here are the top 10 most read CEO Insights articles of 2020:

10 Traits Entrepreneurs Must Have to Thrive in the COVID-19 Economy

Thanks to these 10 leadership traits, entrepreneurs around the world are not only weathering the current crisis but are thriving.

CEO-to-CEO Advice Evolves Quickly During COVID-19 Pandemic

YPO members have had to pivot quickly on how they are addressing the COVID-19 crisis. Here’s their leadership advice for fellow leaders around the globe.

Tech Entrepreneur Pivots Mid-Career, Finds True North

YPO member Bart Foster shares his leadership journey: How he made a mid-career pivot by being unafraid of letting go and living outside of his comfort zone.

YPO Global Survey Offers Glimpse at the CEO of the Future

With business outlook still mixed amid COVID-19 in the final quarter of 2020, YPO Global Pulse survey respondents agree CEOs must adapt quickly to thrive post-pandemic.

Capitalize on the Digital Surge: 9 E-Commerce Success Tips from 27-Year-Old Tech Entrepreneur

Uncertainty clouds many industries this year, but YPO member and Chairman of Trifecta Retail Ventures, William Wolfram sees recent e-commerce growth as an opportunity for entrepreneurs to thrive.

7 Ways to Build Family Unity

Learn how Founder and Managing Partner of Teleios Commodities Brandon Schwertner builds unity in his family by creating a safe, open and supportive environment for meaningful conversations.

Managing A Remote Workforce: How Coronavirus Will Change How We Work

The spread of coronavirus has made working remotely the new normal for workers across the globe. Here are some tips to keep teams motivated and effective.

7 Leadership Traits

7 Leadership Behaviors for All Leaders During Times of Crisis

Shyamli Rathore, CEO and Founder of Sidman Learning Solutions, dives into the key leadership behaviors for times of crisis.

Top-down Office Culture is Over. Here’s How to Create Something Better

Karn Manhas, Founder and CEO of Terramera, says rethinking office culture is vital. But the target shouldn’t be getting back to offices the way they were — but to rebuild better workplaces.


Navigating the New Normal: Inspiring Leadership Advice From 3 CEOs

CNBC’s Sharon Epperson facilitates this engaging conversation between YPO members Melissa Melshenker Ackerman, President of Produce Alliance, LLC; Jill Belconis, CEO of Jill Belconis Enterprises; and Rana el Kaliouby CEO and Co-founder, Affectiva. Get a sneak peek at the types of conversations YPO members regularly engage in with their peers to navigate business and personal challenges.

We can’t help but include a few of our CEO Insights personal favorites. Check these out:

How to Talk to Our Kids About Racism

Children have a front-row seat to racial inequalities and injustices through their social media. Learn how to talk to your children and teach our next generation of leaders how to create a more racially accepting world.

Inclusive Work Culture: Personal Leadership Insights from a Trans-Trailblazer

Despite progress made in achieving LGBT rights in the past two decades, for Rochelle Pattison, Director at Chimaera Capital Limited, there is still much work to do to eliminate bias and to ensure LGBT persons feel welcome in the workplace.

Transgender entrepreneur Rochelle Pattison shares her insights on eliminating bias to ensure LGBT persons feel welcome in the workplace.

Shared Prosperity: Our Corporate Responsibility

Equity and injustice are global issues that surface in the lives of all chief executives. YPO members from around the globe have been working to create learning opportunities to help guide their fellow YPO peers and other leaders to be agents of change.

Orvin Kimbrough, CEO of Midwest BankCentre Mid-America U.S., says leaders can leverage high-impact action steps now to influence change, creating a sustainable path for people of color.