In this day and age with accelerating technological development and convergence of industries, all forward-looking organizations must find ways to improve their innovation power. Real Leaders, the preferred partner publication of YPO, recently published a series of articles focused on ways successful businesses are tapping into their internal well-spring of innovation. In order to do this, organizations need to thoroughly understand their immune systems, lead with the heart and look to middle management for solutions.


5 Ways Middle Management Can Drive Innovation

Who are the leaders and changemakers in your organization? You may think it’s the research and development team or engineering. Maybe a dedicated innovation team or a C-level executive? Amazingly, the people best positioned to drive transformation and innovation at your company are those most often maligned for their lack of vision, creativity and support — middle managers.

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3 Ways to Improve Your Innovation Power

Just as the body’s immune system operates to keep the body healthy and stable, the organization’s immune system is the mechanism operating around the clock to keep it healthy and stable. But in a rapidly changing world, many of these defense mechanisms are no longer appropriate and therefore can put organizations’ innovation at risk.

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The Future of Innovation: Learning to Lead with Heart

World-renowned companies like Apple, Google, and GE, use Design Thinking (DT) for business solutions, and top-tier colleges like Stanford, Harvard, and MIT teach DT (also known as human-centered design) to students looking to solve the world’s biggest problems. But is DT the be-all and end-all to how we solve problems? The short answer is not always. DT is what it says it is: design thinking. We’ve been using our heads, and along the way, we’ve left out our hearts.

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