The second full day of the 2019 YPO Global Leadership Conference (GLC) in Cape Town, South Africa, attended by leaders from around the globe, continued with an agenda of RE_imagining leadership through peer-to-peer learning workshops and sharing of personal stories of perseverance and determination.

YPO Chairman Pascal Gerken shared the extraordinary progress that has been made at YPO during the past year, including his passion for purpose-driven investing in growing regions like Africa, “YPO can have an amazing impact on this continent, a true land of opportunity for responsible investment,” says Gerken.

For the fourth year, YPO LAB (Leaders Across Borders) speakers captivated GLC attendees with their inspiring stories of life-changing moments.

Dr. Kaveh Alizadeh shared his journey between his own difficult childhood experiences and his calling to train doctors and save lives wherever there is conflict, war and trauma. There is a great shortage of plastic surgeons available for treating severely injured victims of war. The focus for the future is on training more women physicians to care for critically injured patients, as female doctors tend to stay and practice in the communities in which they were trained unlike their male counterparts. 

Rochelle Pattison shared her long and sometimes arduous journey from self-loathing to full acceptance as she strives to lead an authentic and joyful life. She shared how we can all make a difference in someone’s life. “Your humanity toward marginalized people makes an impact.”

Farid Naib experienced the worst thing a family could go through. He shared his story and the part his YPO colleagues played in helping him survive the worst tragedy of his life. He encourages all to become knowledgeable about suicide impulse among teenagers.

Patricia Nzolantima shared her commitment to empowering women, driven by her passion for entrepreneurship and service. She says that when women have a steady paycheck, they spend it on the wellness and education of the family.

The thing that is consistent in the stories of YPO members around the globe is a desire to be not only a better leader but to use vulnerability as a tool to build trust among their peers and employees.

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