In the tech world, software is in perpetual beta, never fully finished but always updated, upgraded, improved.

As digital citizens in the 21st century, business leaders can emulate this process, leaning optimistically into the future to RE_Skill, RE_Tool, RE_Boot, and RE_Invent. That’s the mission of the theme of the 2019 YPO EDGE in Cape Town: to inspire leaders to live the “Life of RE_,” a state of perpetual upgrade and improvement.

Once again, the EDGE is bringing together some of the most profound minds of our time to inspire today’s business leaders to think outside-of-the-box and extend their personal and professional limits.

We are thrilled to welcome five additional thought-leaders who will explore ground-breaking topics and introduce radical ideas and innovations: theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli, journalist Cal Fussman, scientist Leah Bessa, MIT Professor Carlo Ratti and futurist Stephen Ibaraki.  More exciting names will be announced shortly as confirmations continue to roll in.

Here are some of the over-arching topics shaping the conversation in Cape Town.

RE_Design Your Business Approach

  • Tap into the Fourth Industrial Revolution for sustainable investment opportunities and unprecedented growth with Stephen Ibaraki — futurist, venture capitalist and founder of the AI for Good Global Summit.
  • Neuroscientist, serial entrepreneur and author Vivienne Ming will explore the skill-sets and deep qualities necessary to adapt to the work environment of the future.
  • A leading expert on underground innovation and co-author of “The Misfit Economy” Alexa Clay will reshape your thinking about driving change from unlikely places, offering ingenious tactics for creative problem-solving.

RE_Invent Your Life

  • Change your questions, change your life. With decades of experience interviewing the world’s most extraordinary individuals, journalist Cal Fussman challenges you to take a new look at your business through storytelling and connection.
  • Born in Soweto to mixed-race parents, “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah used his sharp wit and a dose of courage to propel himself to international fame. Now he will share his story and his message about seeking opportunity and taking risks without fear of failure.
  • How has Denmark consistently ranked among the happiest countries in the world? Meik Wiking, author of a “New York Times” bestselling book on the subject, will share insights about happiness and how to create it in your own life.
The 2019 YPO EDGE in Cape Town will inspire leaders to live the “Life of RE_,” a state of perpetual upgrade and improvement

RE_Think How You Use Tech

  • Thanks to the Internet of Things, the real-time city is now real. Architect, engineer, designer and MIT Professor Carlo Ratti will tell you how and why digital technologies are radically changing the way we understand, design and ultimately live in cities.
  • Manoush Zomorodi — journalist, podcast host, entrepreneur and one of Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business — will walk you through a new way to talk about tech, one that can help you harness its power for every purpose.
  • Millennial Max Hawkins was deep into his dream job at Google when he decided he was in a rut. So, he used his computer-programming skills to break out of his perfect life. Learn how you can reprogram yourself to experience the world in a new way.

RE_Commit to Lifelong Learning

  • We inhabit time as fish live in water, says theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli. And yet, at the fundamental physical level, there is no time. Explore one of the greatest remaining mysteries of the universe with the man dubbed “the new Stephen Hawking.”
  • Redefine the way you think of insects with food scientist and entrepreneur Leah Bessa. She argues that insects can provide a viable and sustainable alternative to meat and dairy, contributing to food security worldwide.
  • Andria Zafirakou teaches at a school in which 35 different languages are spoken, in a community where many immigrant children live in poverty and violence. Find out how she connects with her students, builds trust and changes lives every day.

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