18 Leadership Lessons from 6 CEOs

As part of our Q&A series with chief executives around the world, we ask about the top three insights they would pass on to other business leaders. Here are responses from six YPO members from Australia, Dominican Republic, India, Malaysia, Tunisia and the United States.

Nick Bell, Founder and Managing Director of WME

1. Evolution in business nowadays is paramount to success.

2. Invest in the right people for your company. They drive your business. They are the cogs that keep the wheels turning.

3. Avoid succumbing to a complacent workplace culture. I find other ways to strike a healthy balance between having fun and getting it done.


Jenene Ronick, CEO and Founder of Luxury Attaché

1. Travel without an agenda.

2. Get out of your comfort zone and realize how lucky you are. Write down something every day that you’re grateful for; it keeps things in perspective.

3. Listen to everyone and take something away to serve yourself and others – don’t underestimate anyone.

Riadh Bin Ayed, Serial Entrepreneur 

1. As a business leader, you must manage your cash flow carefully. Regardless of which industry, this needs to be managed on a daily basis. No matter how big or rich you are.

2. You must have the market for your product, invest time to ensure there is a good demand and customer need.

3. You must satisfy customer need and constantly listen to their feedback on your product.

Sandeep Gupta, Managing Director for Asian Hotels West Ltd. /Edenpark Hotels Pvt. Ltd.

1. Travel blogs will define how we travel, and travel groups sharing personal journeys will be the next online trend after food-focused groups.

2. Think BIG and always build scale.

3. Keep evolving. To meet the ever-growing demands of the new age consumer, it is imperative to keep learning, innovating and evolving.

Lavina Valiram, Managing Director of Anaika Collections S/B and Creative Director of FLOW

1. Never, ever make a decision in haste. Most often it’s the wrong one. Go with your gut but let it gestate for a while.

2. Never hesitate to eat cake – it is sure to make you happy. Work it off later, maybe.

3. Do something differently every day; take a different route to work, change the position of your chair, work standing up…do something, anything, to keep things exciting and new.

Laura Asilis, President of Travelwise

1. Waze and Yelp are great apps I use when traveling.

2. Hire the best assistant ever. It saves your life!

3. Every time you have to speak and give a message to your company, try to deliver a message with a life lesson. It makes you feel that you are doing a little something for this world.

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