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Western U.S. Regional Chairs

Gretchen Brauninger

Gretchen Brauninger
Chief Executive Officer
Da/Pro Rubber, Inc.
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Member since 2006

Jim Collet

Jim Collet
Managing Director
NLM Capital Partners
Irving, Texas
Member since 1995

Jordan Eisenberg

UrgentRx founder Jordan Eisenberg, a YPO member from Denver, has created a brand new way to take age-old medicine, and getting a lot of attention for it. Recently listed on Inc.’s 35 Under 35, Jordan’s pharmaceutical company makes single-dose packets of fast-acting over-the-counter drugs in flavored powder form.

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Fulton Collins

“Once you get out of the nervousness about meeting people, or thinking they are better than you or what have you, you get to know we’re all equals and the relationship is really awesome; it’s really incredible how you get to meet people. All types of religions, cultures, anything all around the world. And you just have that in common with YPOers and the lines of communications are open.”

Fulton Collins
Chairman and CEO, Network Communications Inc.
Member since 1998

Mike McGill

Mike McGill, co-founder of MHT-Midspan and a YPO member from Dallas, shared his insights about the future of middle market banking with CNBC.

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