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YPO is the global platform for chief executives to engage, learn and grow. YPO members harness the knowledge, influence and trust of the world’s most influential and innovative business leaders to inspire business, personal, family and community impact.

Today, YPO empowers more than 24,000 members in more than 130 countries, diversified among industries and types of businesses. Altogether, YPO member-run companies employ 15 million people and generate USD6 trillion in annual revenues.

Leadership. Learning. Lifelong.

Peer Perspectives

Imad El-Khalil

Beirut, Lebanon
Member since 2000

“YPO is a gateway to interact with other members, other countries and other cultures.”

Mark Essle

São Paulo Area, Brazil
Member since 2001

“It’s amazing how YPO can build trust in the shorter period of time.”

Craig Kiggen

Durban, South Africa
Member since 2007

“Members only feel the true power of YPO when they partake in the organization”

With 5,000+ annual events and members from more than 130 countries, YPO is the largest global network of business leaders.

Breadth and Depth: YPO Networks by the Numbers

In Their Own Words

Irfan Pardesi
Johannesburg, South Africa
Member since 2014

Joelle Goudsmit
Manila, Philippines
Member since 2012

Gil Oved
Johannesburg, South Africa
Member since 2010

A compilation of members from around the world discuss the reasons they joined YPO.

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