Episode 16: Christine Sfeir (Meeting Point), Beirut, Lebanon

Christine Sfeir

Did you know that Dunkin’ Donuts has been in Lebanon since 1998? Today, there are more than 30 Dunkin’ Donuts stores in Lebanon — all thanks to YPO member Christine Sfeir. Now, Sfeir is bringing Lebanese cuisine to the United States with the restaurant chain Semsom. In this episode,  Sfeir, CEO of Meeting Point (Dunkin’ Donuts) and Treats Holding (Semsom) and one of the world’s most powerful Arab women, shares her insights on how to successfully run restaurant chains across the globe.



Christine Sfeir

Guest: Christine Sfeir, CEO of Meeting Point and Treats Holding
Host & Executive Producer: Kevin Daum
Executive Producer: Van Van
Music: DreamArtist Music.

Made possible with grants from Gazelles Growth Institute.