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Episode 90: Jon DeArment (Channellock), Meadville, Pennsylvania, USA

In this episode, YPO member Jon DeArment, President and COO of Channellock, shares how he is spearheading technological advancement in the tool manufacturing industry while preserving the legacy of a multi-generation family business. 


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Episode 92: Scott Penn (SP Health), Sydney, Australia

In this episode, YPO member Scott Penn, Chairman and CEO of SP Health Co., shares the innovative approach SP Health is taking to combat world obesity and how Scott is doing his part to make a healthier world. 

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Episode 73: David H. McKinley (McKinley Carter Wealth Services), Wheeling, West Virginia, USA

In this episode, YPO member David McKinley, President and Managing Director of McKinley-Carter Wealth Services, shares how he’s helping revitalize the economy of West Virginia and Appalachian. 

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Episode 30: Sunil Lalvani (Global Product Group Ltd.), Dubai, United Arab Emirates

In this episode, YPO member Sunil Lalvani, Group Managing Director of the Global Products Group Ltd. and Founder and CEO of Project Maji, shares how he is going to bring sustainable clean water to millions of people in the rural areas of Africa.

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Episode 5: Mitch Presnick (Super 8 Hotel China), Hong Kong, China.

A lot of people want to do business in China, but not all of them have a winning approach. Learn how to build a successful businesses in China and open up new opportunities through globalization.

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Episode 4: Mark Sinatra (Staff One HR), Dallas, Texas, USA

Anyone can manage a team in good times. It’s the tough times that truly define leadership. In this episode, Mark Sinatra, CEO of Staff One HR, shares his approach to transparency in navigating his team through downturn.

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Episode 3: Simon Cohen (Henco Logistics), Mexico City, Mexico

Innovation lies on the balance between flexibility and control. Young companies have lots of flexibility but no control. As companies gain more control, it looses flexibility. If it were easy, every company would innovate. In this episode, Simon Cohen, CEO of Henco Logistics, shares how he successfully integrates innovation into his culture on a daily basis.

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Episode 2: Chocko Valliappa (Vee Technologies), Bangalore, India

Employee training is critical for productivity, efficiency and morale, but many companies struggle to create a clear training curriculum. YPO member Chocko Valliappa takes training so seriously he created a fully accredited university within his company. In this episode, Chocko Valliappa, founder of Vee Technology and owner and trustee Sona College of Technology, shares his approach to training and tips for success.

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Episode 1: Fred Crosetto (AMMEX Corp), Shanghai, China

Many Sr. Executives struggle with being able to replace themselves. YPO Member Fred Crosetto successfully groomed his replacement CEO and completed the transition in less than 2 years. In this episode, Fred Crosetto, founder and Chief Energizing Officer of AMMEX Corp and AMMEX iSupport, shares his approach to succession planning and tips for success.

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