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Episode 54: Rachel Mielke (Hillberg & Berk), Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

In this episode, YPO member Rachel Mielke, Founder and CEO of Hillberg & Berk, shares how to succeed in bricks and mortar retail with high-end jewelry stores. 


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Episode 68: Mark Hadland (Level 11), Seattle, Washington, USA

In this episode, YPO member Mark Hadland, CEO of Level 11, paints a picture of the future when technology will transform our lives even further by anticipating our needs and proactively help us plan our day without prompting. 

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Episode 67: Giovanna D'Esposito (PaddyPower and Sky Bet), Rome, Italy

In this episode, YPO member Giovanna D'Esposito, founder of PaddyPower and Sky Bet, shares her journey to finding personal freedom and the inside scoop on the gambling industry in Italy.

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Episode 66: Enrique Quemada (ONEtoONE Corporate Finance), Madrid, Spain

In this episode, YPO member Enrique Quemada, Chairman of ONEtoONE Corporate Finance Group, shares how he uses company values to bring consistency and instill a culture of excellence into all of his employees.

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Episode 65: Yi Li (Renogy), Los Angeles, California, USA

In this episode, YPO member Yi Li, President of Renogy, shares how she turned her physics degree into a profitable business with no investors or private funding, growing organically one person at a time. 

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Episode 64: Dan Price (Gravity Payments), Seattle, Washington, USA

In this episode, YPO member Dan Price, Founder and CEO of Gravity Payments, shares how he is changing the game of business by following his conviction and doing what he believes is right.

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Episode 63: Elikem Tamaklo (Nyaho Medical Centre), Accra, Ghana

In this episode, YPO member Elikem Tamaklo, Managing Director of Nyaho Medical Centre based in Ghana, shares how successful modern medicine actually resembles organizational management and how he uses strong leadership skills to inspire a team effort.

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Episode 62: Laura Van Til (The Kessler Enterprise), Orlando, Florida, USA

In this episode, YPO member Laura Van Til, President and COO of The Kessler Collection, shares how she empowers employees to perform and embrace culture in the hospitality business.

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Episode 61: Don Duval (NORCAT), Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

In this episode, YPO member Don Duval, CEO of NORCAT, shares how his background in the arts has helped him succeed in business and what the business world can learn from the arts. 

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