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Episode 53: Andrés Farías (Evek, Evolucion Marketing, Zenics), Monterrey, Mexico

In this episode, YPO member Andrés Farías Founder and CEO of Evek & Asociados and Evolución Marketing, shares life lessons he learned from starting his business in his early 20s. 


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Episode 59: Pablo Sardi (Crusardi), Bogotá, Colombia

In this episode, YPO member Pablo Sardi, General Manager of Crusardi, shares how he helped introduce BoConcept to South America and played a crucial role in the strategy team of Denmark's largest global furniture chain.

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Episode 58: Crystal Lam (Vinawood Ltd.), Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

In this episode, YPO member Crystal Lam, Managing Director of Vinawood, shares her reasons for leaving the United States and how she had to adapt and earn her way to run one of Vietnam’s leading wood production companies.

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Episode 57: Rahul Aggarwal (Coast Millers Ltd.), Dar es Salaam,Tanzania

In this episode, YPO member Rahul Aggarwal, General Manager of Coast Millers Ltd., shares how his family grew the company while navigating the political upheaval in Tanzania,and if the gluten-free trend is affecting the grain industry in Tanzania. 

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Episode 56: Matthias Knaur (Annuity Management Group), Zürich, Switzerland

In this episode, YPO Member Matthias Knaur, CEO and Founder of Annuity Management Group, shares how to successfulLY grow your business by properly managing your existing market share. 

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Episode 55: Yat-Pang Au (Veritas Investments), San Francisco, California, USA

In this episode, YPO member Yat-Pang Au, Founder and CEO of Veritas Investments, shares his secrets on how to compete and retain talented employees.

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Episode 54: Rachel Mielke (Hillberg & Berk), Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

In this episode, YPO member Rachel Mielke, Founder and CEO of Hillberg & Berk, shares how to succeed in bricks and mortar retail with high-end jewelry stores. 

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Episode 52: Eric Perlinger (FilSpec Inc.), Quebec, Canada

In this episode, YPO member Eric Perlinger, President of FilSpec Inc., shares with us the secrets to spinning profitable yarn in Northern America.

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Episode 51: Chika Sakane (BikeRoar and Link International), Brisbane, Australia

In this episode, YPO Member Chika Sakane, Founder and CEO of BikeRoar, shares her tips on how to stay disciplined in business and how to not let work impact your personal relationships.

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