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Episode 63: Elikem Tamaklo (Nyaho Medical Centre), Accra, Ghana

In this episode, YPO member Elikem Tamaklo, Managing Director of Nyaho Medical Centre based in Ghana, shares how successful modern medicine actually resembles organizational management and how he uses strong leadership skills to inspire a team effort.


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Episode 74: Wan Kim (Smoothie King), New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

In this episode, YPO member Wan Kim, CEO of Smoothie King, shares his transformation from Korean son to the CEO of a top American brand.

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Episode 73: David H. McKinley (McKinley Carter Wealth Services), Wheeling, West Virginia, USA

In this episode, YPO member David McKinley, President and Managing Director of McKinley-Carter Wealth Services, shares how he’s helping revitalize the economy of West Virginia and Appalachian. 

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Episode 72: Jessica Mah (inDinero), San Francisco, California, USA

In this episode, YPO member Jessica Mah, Founder and CEO of inDinero, shares the journey she took in rebuilding inDinero after the company's culture collapsed and how she made her business better than ever.

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Episode 71: Katie LeGardeur (JP Morgan), New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

In this episode, YPO member Katie LeGardeur, Managing Director of JPMorgan, shares how she brings a spirit of teamwork and entrepreneurship to one of the largest banks in the world.

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Episode 70: Shiyin Cai (Dialogue in the Dark), Shanghai, China

In this episode, YPO member Shiyin Cai, Founder and CEO of Dialogue in the Dark (China), shares why we sometimes need to go into complete darkness in order to see with full clarity.

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Episode 69: Anthony Farr (Allan & Gill Gray Philanthropy), Cape Town, South Africa

In this episode, YPO member Anthony Farr, Founder and CEO of the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation, shares how he finds hidden talent in young adults and helps them develop to their fullest potential. 

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Episode 68: Mark Hadland (Level 11), Seattle, Washington, USA

In this episode, YPO member Mark Hadland, CEO of Level 11, paints a picture of the future when technology will transform our lives even further by anticipating our needs and proactively help us plan our day without prompting. 

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Episode 67: Giovanna D'Esposito (PaddyPower and Sky Bet), Rome, Italy

In this episode, YPO member Giovanna D'Esposito, founder of PaddyPower and Sky Bet, shares her journey to finding personal freedom and the inside scoop on the gambling industry in Italy.

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