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9 Succession Planning Tips to Make Your Family Business Last


You’ve spent the majority of your career building your family business, but now it’s time to think about what’s next. YPO member George Isaac has been helping families start, build, and maintain their enterprises for more than 40 years and he’s out with a new guide to help you build a family business that lasts, Your Business, Your Family, Your Legacy.

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Fetzer Vineyards CEO Giancarlo Bianchetti’s Vision Unifies Climate, Wine and Business


Nestled among the rolling hills of Mendocino County, California, Fetzer Vineyards’ nearly 1,000 acres of organic and biodynamic vineyards contain some of the world’s most innovatively sustainable farming practices. YPO member Giancarlo Bianchetti is the leader behind this globally recognized
 sustainable winery. 

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YPO Global Pulse Survey Finds The Customer is Always Right

By Angela Mers

YPO’s 2019 Global Pulse Innovation Survey confirmed that the majority of global business leaders (57 percent) feel an urgent need to innovate now. Where do they look to find inspiration to innovate? Their customers.

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