Episode 32: Pradeep Cholayil (Cholayil Private Ltd.), Chennai, India

By Kevin Daum

In this episode, YPO Member Pradeep Cholayil, Chairman and Managing Director of Cholayil Private Limited, shares his insights on traditional medicine and how to use Ayurvedic medicine for prevention.

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Episode 2: Chocko Valliappa (Vee Technologies), Bangalore, India

By Kevin Daum

Employee training is critical for productivity, efficiency and morale, but many companies struggle to create a clear training curriculum. YPO member Chocko Valliappa takes training so seriously he created a fully accredited university within his company. In this episode, Chocko Valliappa, founder of Vee Technology and owner and trustee Sona College of Technology, shares his approach to training and tips for success.

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YPO Global Impact: Abhijit Pawar

By Annu Ross

In January 2013, Abhijit Pawar’s company deployed reporters across the western Indian state of Maharashtra to unleash the transformative power of women. Backing woman-to-woman networks with the power of the media, the Tanishka Women’s Dignity Forum (Tanishka Stree Prathishtha Abhiyan) empowers women to be agents of change and improvement in their villages and society.

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