Pascal Gerken

Past Chairman, Europe

Pascal Gerken served as the 2018-2019 YPO Chairman and is currently the Chair of the Governance and Succession Committee and the Compensation and HR Committee.

He joined YPO in 2006 and has served in multiple roles across the organization, including Chapter Chair of YPO Brussels, Regional Chair of Europe and Chair of the Membership Council. In addition, Pascal has actively supported the expansion of YPO throughout the world, founding the YPO Myanmar, YPO Alcatraz and YPO Euro Star Chapters.

Outside of YPO, Pascal is CEO of Gerken Group, a leading engineering company in carbon and graphite technology. The group is composed of 11 companies located in Asia, Europe and the United States, with headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, and is now part of Wabtec corporation.

He is also Co-Founder of GRAGER SA, a real estate group with assets in Berlin, Germany, and Brussels as well as Founder of Oceanfront Invest Myanmar, a hospitality company dedicated to building high end sustainable resorts in emerging markets, based in Yangon, Myanmar.

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