Isak Pretorius

Group Executive Director, JAM International, Africa

In 2020, Isak Pretorius designed and spearheaded an electronic food voucher system to improve food distribution during the COVID-19 crisis, reducing food lines, increasing social distancing, while incorporating the commercial supply chain to protect and support small businesses through this volatile period. Congratulations to Isak for being selected as the YPO Global Impact Regional Honoree for the Africa region.

Born and raised in South Africa, Isak Pretorius is the son of one of Africa’s great social entrepreneurs, Peter Pretorius. Isak’s 20 years of humanitarian services and business experience on the continent has helped shape his passion to address the diverse needs of Africa’s communities and build strong African businesses. Serving the people of Africa is at the heart of his life’s work. Isak’s diverse experience has made him a sought-after speaker and strategist across these sectors.

Through JAM International, in his role as Group Executive Director, Isak has been actively involved in providing lifesaving meals to millions of children in Africa, water and sanitation programs to thousands of communities and implementing complete community development assistance programs within the communities served. Isak has played a role in advising many governments, donor entities and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) on sustainable assistance programs that provide not only a hand out but a true hand up toward a more stable and sustainable life.

Isak is a founding partner of Afriscope Holdings, a business providing end-to-end business development, strategy and facilitation services to African businesses and new entrants inAfrican markets. Through Afriscope, Isak leverages his extensive government, business and international development funding relationships as well as local business partners in sub-Saharan Africa. These key relationships help unlock business opportunities for Afriscope’s business partners and clients. Isak is actively involved in investment advisory and capital raising services, with experience in structuring and raising capital for African businesses in multiple sectors.

Isak has been a member of YPO since 2009, having been Chair of the Pan Africa Chapter, Africa Regional Networks and now Membership Chair, Global Deal Network Africa Regional Chair, EMEA Super Region Chair, current Engagement Chair and incoming Vice Chair, as well as Champion of the best-of-the-best award-winning Africa Summit.

Isak is a graduate of the University of South Africa, where he studied business management, economics, law and accounting.

He is passionate about impact development on the continent of Africa and bridging the gap between nonprofit and for-profit entities. Isak is married to Terri and they have two children, Kiera and Peter.

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