Episode 38: Leon Jakimic (Lasvit), Hong Kong

By Kevin Daum

In this episode, YPO member Leon Jakimic shares how he runs Lasvit in the Czech Republic from Hong Kong while empowering artists, engineers and project managers to work harmoniously together and create the world’s most breathtaking light and design experiences.

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Episode 34: Terry O’Connor (Courts Asia), Singapore

By Kevin Daum

In this episode, Terry O’Connor, Group CEO of Courts Asia, shares his insights on how brick and mortar stores can strategically succeed in an online shopping world.

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Urmatt Group Set for Nationwide Launch of Organic Coconut Water

By Vickie Tikam

Arvind Narula, member of the YPO Thailand Chapter and the CEO and Founder of Urmatt Group, shares his business expansion with David Spencer, a former business development director at General Electric in Hong Kong and a member of YPO Pan Asia since 2007. Spencer is joining as the CEO and a shareholder of the operating company, Coco Nuts Ltd.

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