Millions of women have been pushed out of the workforce during the pandemic and risk being left behind. But there’s good news. Women entrepreneurs are leading the way toward new opportunities and closer to gender equity. Stasia Mitchell, EY Global Entrepreneurship Leader and a member of YPO, discusses how we can turn the “she-cession” spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic into a woman-powerered boom

“When I see the powerful connections and capital shared in networks like YPO, I’m blown away by the immediate impact so many are ready and willing to make, to share knowledge and resources, especially if it means empowering women,” Mitchell says. “Their promise, ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone,’ has been a tremendous source of strength and inspiration for myself and so many others, because we all deserve to have this strength and support.”

EY is YPO’s strategic learning advisor. Read Mitchell’s full article.

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