Disrupting The Conventional — 2019 Signature Events Announced for YPO Innovation Week

For the fourth consecutive year, YPO will host Innovation Week, a series of in-person and digital events across the world in locations including: Shenzhen and Hong Kong, China; Waterloo, Ontario, Canada; Moscow, Russia; San Francisco, California, USA; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, the week of 12-18 May 2019. Designed to connect the world’s most dynamic innovators, disruptors and leaders, the week offers the chance to challenge conventional thinking and gain actionable insight.

“Every business leader needs to focus on innovation to grow and thrive,” says YPO member Nirit Harel, Chair of the Board at Intergam Communications Ltd. and Chair of 2019 YPO Innovation Week. “YPO Innovation Week will provide many opportunities for YPO members to learn from each other and from the most well-respected global innovators, disrupters and inventors to help integrate innovation at the most strategic level across all businesses.”

In-person events include:

Revolutionizing Construction with 3D Printing
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; 13-14 May 2019

Innovation goes three dimensional with an exploration of houses designed using 3D printers. The event will showcase how this incredible technology is revolutionizing accelerated building and how it will affect cities, supply chains and the world at large.

Canadian Ecosystem Experience: Innovating the Waterloo Way — Waterloo, Ontario, Canada: 14-15 May 2019

Canada has made a global impact in innovation, the birthplace of numerous inventions, including light bulbs, pacemakers, IMAX and insulin. And now, Waterloo boasts the second highest startup density in the world. Attendees will experience the power of Innovating the Waterloo Way during this two-day immersive event with the entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and academics who pioneered this innovative community.

Transformation by the Bay: Discovering Shenzhen and Hong Kong
Shenzhen and Hong Kong, China; 14-16 May 2019

Boasting the world’s second-largest economy, China sees some 20,000 new businesses launch every month, and consumer spending is expected to top USD56 trillion in the next decade. Attendees will journey to Hong Kong and Shenzhen to understand the impact of innovation on the region, everyday life and business.

Silicon Valley Summit 4.0: 4th Industrial Revolution
Transforming Work and Life — San Francisco, California, USA; 15 May 2019

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is profoundly different than its predecessors. It impacts all disciplines, economies and industries by merging digital, physical and biological technology and will fundamentally alter the way we live, work and relate to each other. This event will explore cutting-edge developments in the future of work, longevity of life and more through thought-leading resources and exclusive site visits.

Europe Emerging – Tech Summit Moscow
Moscow, Russia; 16 May 2019

From SAP to Google and Telegram, behind many of the highly valued tech companies, there is Eastern European technology talent, Israeli creativity or German execution skills. Central and Eastern Europe continue to emerge as very important technology players on the global scale. Attendees will experience firsthand the new generation of engineers, innovators and entrepreneurs shaping disruption in artificial intelligence, blockchain, robotics, space tech, cybersecurity, quantum computing and more.

For more information, visit the YPO Innovation Week website.

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