A world of mentors helping you take the next step forward.

Do you want to learn from some of the world’s savviest and most experienced business leaders? No matter what you are going through, there is very likely someone in the YPO-WPO network who can help you take the next steps forward. The YPO-WPO network connects members across industries and geographies, at the chapter, regional and international levels.

The World Business Council was founded in 1970 by 200 former members of YPO to sustain and enrich the education and idea exchange that begins in YPO. In 1991, the group changed its name to World Presidents’ Organization to reflect its rapid growth in membership and global reach.

Today, WPO is the next chapter of the YPO experience, with members worldwide who continue to enjoy the many benefits of the YPO-WPO network. While individual priorities may shift between YPO and WPO, the value of peer exchange remains the same.WPO members are committed to each other, to mentoring YPO members and to encouraging the next generation of business leaders.

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Ricardo Martinelli

President of Panama Ricardo Martinelli
Panama City, Panama
WPO member since 2008


“Being a member of YPO and WPO has helped me both in business and politics thanks to the contacts and friendships that I have made because of these organizations. The thing I value most is the friends that I have made over the years.”

Jak Kornfilt

Jak Kornfilt
Istanbul, Turkey


“My wife and I have been YPO and WPO members for more than 20 years. What continues to make our experience special is the feeling that we are not only part of a local chapter but also of a global community. No other organization has the infrastructure, in particular local and international Forums, to so easily allow members to interact and bond across borders. This, I believe, is as close as one can get to being a ‘world citizen’ in our lifetime.”