Expanding your global possibilities and your point of view.

Every young business leader in today’s global marketplace needs to be a citizen of the world. From national borders to industry sectors, boundaries are dissolving into connections and collaboration.

Passports and visas may be required to travel, but ideas and experience flow freely across the borders of some 110 countries represented in the organization. From São Paulo to Singapore and Istanbul to Auckland, the YPO network crisscrosses the globe, connecting 20,000 peers to each other, to themselves and to the expanding world around them.

This gives YPO members a remarkable advantage in business – and a circle of friends with a global circumference.

Only YPO can deliver the Global Pulse, the one-of-a-kind confidence index providing insight into current and anticipated economic conditions around the world. Top-tier media outlets including CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Bloomberg Television Asia and others regularly report on the survey’s findings – but YPO members get the information first.

There is no passport to world citizenship like YPO.

Fulton Collins
Dallas, Texas
Member since 1998


“Once you get out of the nervousness about meeting people, or thinking they are better than you or what have you, you get to know we’re all equals and the relationship is really awesome; it’s really incredible how you get to meet people. All types of religions, cultures, anything all around the world. And you just have that in common with YPOers and the lines of communications are open.”