Connecting you with the right people and the best ideas.

You expect your network to connect you with the right people and the best ideas. You also expect this to happen anytime, anywhere –and when you need it most. YPO provides you with an exclusive toolkit of on-demand networking resources powered by technology. These include the secure, members-only website, mobile apps and M2Mx (member exchange).

M2Mx is a powerful “go-to” resource for members,spouses and partners seeking advice and expertise on any topic. This exclusive and confidential service is available around the clock, making it possible for members to share medical advice in emergencies, make deals, source suppliers, recommend professional services and much more.

M2Mx has saved lives and solved a number of vexing business problems. Each day, members work small miracles for each other. Through YPO’s medical referral partner, PinnacleCare, M2Mx also offers services such as referrals to leading physicians, appointments at top medical centers and emergency medical expertise around the world.

Ajay Mehta
Dar-es-Salaam, United Republic of Tanzania
Member since 2009


“It never ceases to amaze me the speed at which any query that I put up on M2Mx gets addressed by a member of the staff and gets channeled to potential members who have the power to influence it in one way or the other. I am increasingly making use of this channel to further my queries and seek leads / feedback that I can rely on.”

David Samuel
San Francisco, CA, United States
Member since 2007


“I continue to be extremely impressed with PinnacleCare. This is my 3rd time using them. Highest referral possible.”

Richard van Rensburg
Cape Town, South Africa
Member since 1999


“YPO is a global network and this allows us to achieve things in a global economy – every YPOer who has used a discussion board understands that value. If you ask a question, you get input from all over the world – and you get it instantaneously from people who respect you and are interested in your success.”