Previous Winners of the SEN Sustainability Awards

Award Winners for 2011

Scott Farquhar Category:
Economic Justice/Community Impact
Scott Farquhar (YPO Sydney)

When creating the company Atlassian, manufacturer of popular products such as JIRA and Confluence, Scott Farquar and his founding partner had just a product idea and the mission to commit 1 percent of revenue, 1 percent product, 1 percent of equity and 1 percent of employee time to charity.

Facing technology giants with strongly established global presences, the two founders created a new model for their industry, selling B2B software that could be purchased and downloaded from their website at a fraction of the price of their competitors.

They have matched their business success with major charitable contributions, including enabling thousands of children in the developing world to receive an education they wouldn’t otherwise have received.


Paul J. Lightfoot Category:
Sustainable Environmental Business Practices
Paul J. Lightfoot (YPO Fairchester)
BrightFarms LLC

Paul J. Lightfoot is the owner and CEO of BrightFarms (BFS), a company that designs, finances, builds and operates hydroponic greenhouse farms (“BrightFarms”) on site at grocery retailers, eliminating time, distance and costs from their produce supply chain.

Through his work at BFS, Lightfoot has disrupted traditional agricultural supply chain methodologies to create a more sustainable business practice. Growing food ultra-locally, BFS has significantly limited the environmental impacts associated with agriculture.

The elimination of shipping and field agriculture means drastically reduced fuel consumption, carbon emissions and water use. BFS enables grocery retailers to change their produce supply chain in a way that improves the planet and their profits.


Richard M. Bergfors Category:
Richard M. Bergfors (YPO Sweden)
Max Hamburger Restaurant

Richard M. Bergfors heads the Max Hamburger Restaurant, the ninth-most popular business in Sweden.

In 2006, Bergfors came to the realization that the beef industry was making a negative impact on the environment. As owner of a business that sold more than 80 percent beef products, he chose to be transparent to his customers, labeling all products with information about the company’s carbon footprint.

Demonstrating his commitment to make a difference, he launched new products with a much lower environmental impact, and offset his beef products’ emissions by investing in forestation projects in


Nancy A. Aossey Category:
Outstanding Philanthropy
Nancy A. Aossey (YPO Bel Air)
International Medical Corps

Nancy A. Aossey joined International Medical Corps as start-up CEO shortly after its founding in 1984. She went on to establish the humanitarian organization as a leader in medical crisis response and recovery.

Under her leadership, International Medical Corps has delivered more than US$1.1 billion of assistance, health services, and training to tens of millions of people in more than 50 countries. International Medical Corps’ proven approach of relief that focuses on training has helped build self-reliance and save millions of lives in some of the world’s toughest environments, including areas hardest hit by the Indian Ocean tsunami, Darfur, Afghanistan, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, and Pakistan.


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