If making a difference matters to you, YPO is your place for taking personal passions to a new level.

Through YPO you can join a community of other action-oriented, philanthropic-minded leaders who share your vision of a better world. YPO’s Social Engagement Network (SEN) supports philanthropy and social action by connecting members committed to giving back. Other opportunities include microfinance trips, sustainable development seminars and family volunteer projects that turn the spotlight on the role of social responsibility in business and family life. The annual Social Engagement Network Sustainability Awards recognize YPO and WPO companies that are changing the way the world does business.

YPO itself does not support social or political causes, but its members create a vibrant culture of caring with their passion and conviction. Members are taking action around the globe, making a difference every day.

Elizabeth Funk Elizabeth Funk
San Francisco, California
Member since 2004
“Collaborating with other business leaders around the world is a huge value. Not only have the contacts and advice been invaluable, but I also find it rewarding to work together with other YPO members in making a difference.”

YPO member Elizabeth Funk explains how The Dignity Fund is changing lives by empowering poor entrepreneurs around the globe with small business loans.

What matters most to you?
“Our company is setting a goal to operate entirely on sustainable energy resources.”
“I believe strongly that all children have a right to free, basic education.”
“Having just sold my company, I am excited to start a family foundation.”
“It is amazing what an impact a simple US$100 loan can have on someone’s life.”
“My business is committed to sourcing only fair trade-certified materials.”

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