No matter the geographic location, industry sector, management model or scope of business, YPO is the place for young chief executives seeking best practices, big ideas, bold vision and a world-class network of trusted peers.

Worldwide Member Company Stats

Median revenue: US$41 million
Median number of employees: 250
Combined revenue: US$6 trillion
Combined number of employees: more than 15 million

The Original Social Network

For 64 years, members of YPO have shared a commitment to connecting in a trusted community and a desire to help each other keep growing – personally and professionally. That’s why discussion boards “light up” when a member posts a question. That’s why natural disasters anywhere in the world mobilize members all over the world, and why peers from China to Chile build partnerships and lifelong friendships.

YPO members also connect with mentors through YPO’s graduate organization, WPO — a community of successful business leaders who are ready and willing to share their expertise with the next generation of chief executives.

A World of Opportunity

No other organization in the world has an economic forecasting tool as powerful as YPO Global Pulse, a CEO sentiment index that surveys members every quarter. By collecting YPO company performance metrics and analyzing regional and global trends, the survey provides members with a unique strategic tool. YPO’s media partnership with CNBC gives members a unique opportunity to share their expertise with a global audience and build a following as thought leaders.

A Lifelong Learning Lab

YPO offers adventure and education all over the world, whether it’s an industry roundtable in Moscow, case studies and connections at Harvard, or a climbing expedition in Tanzania. Global EDGE, the organization’s largest annual event, brings together more than 3,000 members with world-renowned thought leaders to address key issues in business, politics, philanthropy and more.

The YPO Harvard Presidents’ Program has attracted a global enrollment of chief executives since its founding in 1952. Deal Talks, global conference calls and industry roundtables offer targeted insights for entrepreneurs, family business leaders and professional chief executives. YPO’s education alliances connect members with the latest thinking and research, including access to content from getAbstract, Harvard Business Review and London Business School.

Trust Among Peers

YPO forum is the safe haven and sounding board that every chief executive needs — but too few actually have. From the outside, forum is a simple concept: small groups of members who meet to share challenges and concerns in an atmosphere of confidentiality and trust. From the inside, however, forum is the genome of the organization: the shared DNA that takes the YPO network beyond powerful to profound.

No other membership asset is more highly valued than the open, honest exchange made possible by this powerful tool for connection and communication. Members choose from a range of forums, which are also available to spouses, partners and young adult children.

Going Beyond Business

YPO supports and strengthens every aspect of life: business, personal, family and community. This “whole person” approach distinguishes YPO from other executive leadership organizations. Personal development seminars sharpen leadership acumen by testing mind-body fitness on physical challenge courses, providing life-balance coaching or initiating the vital practice of succession planning. YPO’s personal networks deepen members’ passions and advance their pursuits, whether they love to golf, ski, raise horses or play music.

From couples’ retreats to seminars for spouses and partners to youth leadership development, a wide range of opportunities bring the benefits of YPO to the entire family.

Investing in the Future

For chief executives with an interest in social action and philanthropy, YPO offers social engagement networks focused on economic development, sustainability, public diplomacy, and more. From solar-powered planes to keeping water clean, learn how members are making a global impact.