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    Central U.S. Regional Chairs

    Thomas Wiers

    Thomas Wiers

    Wiers International Trucks Inc
    Plymouth, Indiana
    Member since 2010

    Tom Hillman

    Tom Hillman

    FTL Capital, LLC
    St. Louis, Missouri
    Member since 1991

    Meet our Members

    mark herbick

    “You can talk to customers, vendors and competitors, but they all have their own interests in mind. Having this outside group of YPO peers — they don’t have their own interests in mind, they have purely my interests in mind from both a professional and personal perspective.”

    Mark L. Herbick

    CEO, Pursant, LLC
    Chicago, Illinois
    Member since 2002

    Daniel Levin

    Levin, a YPO member from Chicago, discusses the state of U.S. manufacturing with CNBC. » Watch video