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25 September 2012 Can Mexico’s Potential Finally Be Realized? Latin America

In a blog on cnbc.com, Leo Schlesinger, a member of the YPO Mexico City Chapter and the CEO of MASISA México, discusses whether Mexico can reach its potential, concluding that Mexico is more than capable in handling a global downturn as well as extremely likely to become Latin America’s largest economy in 10 years.

20 September 2012 Groupon Isn’t a Good Deal for Businesses Western U.S.

Bill Bice, the CEO of SpaBoom/CoverBoom and a member of the YPO New Mexico Chapter, discusses why he thinks Groupon is more helpful for consumers and potentially harmful for small businesses in a blog on cnbc.com.

20 September 2012 Groupon Is Good for Business United States

Randy Cohen, a membver of the YPO Global One Chapter, the founder of TIKKR and the founder and chief energizing officer of Ticket City, describes how using Groupon has helped his business gain exposure in a blog on cnbc.com.

18 September 2012 Venture Capital Is Taking Off in Mexico Latin America

Álvaro Rodríguez Arregui, a member of the YPO Monterrey Chapter and the managing partner of Ignia, writes a blog for cnbc.com about how Mexico’s government is offering incentives and opportunities for venture capitalists.

7 September 2012 YPO's Women's International Network (WIN) Joins 2020 Women on Boards As Affiliate United States

YPO’s Women’s International Network (WIN) has joined 2020 Women on Boards as an affiliate. As an affiliate, WIN will play a critical role in the success of the 2020 campaign by helping to grow its base of supporters and communicating with stakeholders across the country that it’s time to put more women on corporate boards.

7 September 2012 This CEO Desperately Needs Employees with Technical Skills East Central U.S.

Billy Cyr, a member of the YPO Cincinnati Chapter and the CEO of Sunny Delight Beverages, shared insight about today’s job market and his company’s need for more technically skilled workers in his latest CNBC blog.

6 September 2012 Are Democrats Losing the Social Media War? Northeastern U.S.

Patrick Sweeney, a member of the YPO Wash. DC/Baltimore Chapter and the CEO of social media marketing company dwinQ, shared his business insight in a blog on cnbc.com where he analyzes the social media strategy being applied in U.S. politics and how engagement and interaction is more important than the number of fans or followers.

29 August 2012 What Shape Is the Housing Market Really In? Southern U.S.

Sal A.” Joe” Nunziata, a member of the YPO Orlando Chapter and the chairman and co-CEO of FBC Mortgage, LLC, writes a blog for cnbc.com about the status of the housing market in the United States.