Survey Methodology

The Confidence Index combines responding CEO projections for sales, employee count, fixed investment and business conditions. The Index is centered on 50. An Index reading below 50 indicates a negative outlook – the lower the number, the more negative the outlook. A reading above 50 indicates a positive outlook – the higher the number, the more positive the outlook.

Survey Methodology – first quarter 2014
The quarterly electronic survey was conducted during the first two weeks of April 2014 among the active membership of YPO and its graduate group, WPO. Globally, 28% of participants were from large companies (more than 500 employees), 36% from medium-sized companies (100-500 employees), and 36% from small companies (less than 100 employees). By business sector, 25% of participants were from the production sector, 9% from construction and 66% from the services sector. The respondents by area are indicated below.

Total 1,996
Africa 195
Asia 194
Australasia 58
Canada 72
Europe EU 194
Europe Non-EU 42
Latin America 184
U.S. 970
Not specified 13

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